1PhysioUK deliver a holistic approach to musculoskeletal care in a number of different settings.

Our Physiotherapy service is delivered not only in our own array of nationwide practices for insurance and self-funding patients, but we also offer domiciliary home visits, as well as ‘on site’ services for employees of small and corporate businesses alike. This means that whatever your route into our service, we can help you back to being fit and healthy.

Furthermore, should a diagnostic investigation be required, owing to our vast coverage, there will always be one of our diagnostic imaging centres in close proximity to your home.

Complimenting our nationwide coverage is our private prescription service; delivering the medication you need, by next day delivery anywhere in the UK!

Physiotherapy assessment

Physiotherapy Initial Assessment

30 mins – £60.00

The Physiotherapy initial assessment is utilised to diagnose the cause of your pain. Your practitioner will glean information around your past medical history, current presenting complaint, and activities of daily living/working to understand better your condition. Once a diagnosis has been formed using the information you have reported, as well as a ‘hands on’ physical assessment, your practitioner will discuss with you the range of potential treatment plans. The benefits and risks of which will also be explained in detail, allowing for you to make an educated decision on your treatment pathway.

Physiotherapy treatment

Physiotherapy Treatment

30 mins – £60.00

Following successful completion of the Physiotherapy Initial Assessment, your practitioner will support you in embarking upon your chosen treatment plan. This would usually, for the average patient, be between 4 and 8 sessions. Your practitioner may implement a range of modalities, including soft tissue massage, manipulations, active and passive stretching, home exercise plans and general self-management advice.

MRI Scan

Diagnostic Imaging Service

Following a recommendation by your GP or Physiotherapist, our Diagnostic imaging services can provide a rapid diagnosis. Scan reports and images will be e-mailed directly to you by our expert radiology team within 24 hours.

MRI Scan: 1 part, £500. Additional parts are charged at £200 per part.

CT Scan: 1 part, £550. Additional parts are charged at £200 per part.

Ultrasound Scan: 1 part, £300.00. Additional parts at £200 per part.

X-Ray: 1 part. £120.00. Additional parts at £120 per part.

Private prescription service

Private Prescription Service

1PhysioUK are proud to offer to its patients access to a NEW market leading technology, enabling them to access self-funded private medication prescriptions, providing access to the medication they need, NOW! Following consultation and review by a GMC accredited GP and issuing of prescription, the prescribed medication will be delivered directly to your door, discreetly, by next day delivery. This service conveniently eliminates the need for long waiting lists!